Why it is important to descale a heat exchanger?

Even if the boiler is not that old in a few years the water flow decreases, the water gets hot very slowly or even worst, the boiler goes into lockout. Usually in presence of very hard waters a few months are enough for this to happen.

What is the cause? The water hardness and therefore the limestone inside the heat exchanger.

For these reasons, it is important to carry out an accurate descaling of the heat exchanger, when necessary.

What is the heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is the element of the boiler where the exchange of thermal energy takes place with water that passes through it, warming it.

This metallic element is constantly in contact with water and, therefore, it’s easily subjected to the deposit of limestone.

For these reasons, it is important to carry out an accurate descaling of the heat exchanger, when necessary.

What are the "symptoms" of an encrusted heat exchanger?

  • The water pressure is significantly reduced
  • The water gets hot slowly
  • The boiler goes into lockout
  • The electricity bills get more and more expensive

Which are the Solutions ?

On the web, you can find different techniques “do-it-yourself” for the cleaning of the heat exchanger, but it is important to be careful because during the cleaning phases the metallic parts of the heat exchanger itself might get damaged.

Manta Ecologica created two professional products that, if used in combination, allow to completely remove limestone and metal oxide deposits inside the heat exchanger, with excellent results:

  • Boss 18 FI
  • Detex Plurimetal

Boss 18 FI

Boss 18 FI is a pump specifically designed for descaling heat exchangers, wall-hung and floor-standing boilers, water heaters, boilers and plastic press moulding machines.

Advantages and benefits:

  1. Acid resistant material
  2. Operates up to 60 °C and up to 70 °C on request
  3. Self-protection against damage caused by dry running
  4. Hose clips/handles
  5. Easy removable tank
  6. Restores the optimal heat exchange
  7. Reduces energy consumption and lowers bills
  8. Extends the heating system’s life
  9. Prevents hot water total block


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Detex Plurimetal

Detex Plurimetal is an acid product liquid with low corrosiveness, specifically studied for the removal of limestone and rust from heating systems, heat exchangers, cooling circuits with zinc components and sanitary lines, with a high presence of rust inside.

Advantages and benefits:

  1. Non-corrosive
  2. Non-fumigant
  3. No interaction with zinc-plated surfaces
  4. Suitable for being used with all metals
  5. Restores the optimal heat exchange
  6. Reduces energy consumption
  7. Savings in electricity bills

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