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Magnetic sludge remover filter


  • The biggest magnet on the market
  • Assembly at 360°
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Used as additives loading
  • High flow rate and minimal pressure drop


BoilerMag filter rapidly removes all magnetic and not magnetic debris, improves the energetic efficiency and extends the boiler life and of the centralized heating system. Simplifies installation and cleaning, with simplified access for the dosage of chemical conditionals. Patented magnetic core for the removal of iron oxides magnetite and other debris. To obtain better results install BoilerMag on the boiler return after last radiator. Be sure that there is an easy access to the filter for all reparations and maintenance interventions.
To avoid all damages caused by frost, avoiding the installation in all places where temperatures can decrease below 0 °C. BoilerMag Magnetic sludge remover filter may be installed with any pipes inclination, as long as the filter body remains in vertical position.


  • PRODUCT CODE - 300901001